Monday, December 31, 2012

Welcome to a Reader's Reverie

Welcome to A Reader’s Reverie

So glad you stopped by to visit A Reader’s Reverie. This blog was created with the intent of giving readers insight into books. To give a prospective reader an idea if they want to spend their hard earned money or precious time. As book aficionados know, some books are hits and some are misses. So as you reflect on each book review, remember that book reviews are very subjective to the individual reader.

 I currently belong to a book club that carefully considerers the reviews for each book we select. Our book club, The Las Vegas Bookies, choose one book a month to read and discuss. Our selections vary from classics, to popular fiction, to non-fiction, to literary, and even includes a bit of chick-lit. I am going to post a review on each book we have read. We have been together for 5 years, so that’s a lot of books to review. However, my plans are to review one of our book club selections on every other post until I have caught up on The Las Vegas Bookies picks.
I am a voracious reader, (frenetic might be a better word), and I will write about the current book that I have finished or chose not to finish. I'm going to be honest about what's good or not so good within the pages.   

The power of the story constitutes life. The popular phrase, “Everyone has one good book in them” is true. Someone might not be able to write it down and get it published, but everyone has a memorable life story. We share in the community of this frazzled world by hearing stories. And what better way to escape the hassles and doldrums of our daily lives than by reading someone else’s tale—fiction or non-fiction.
Finally, I am going to place a content rating much like they do for the movies. I read ALL types of books, but I understand the hesitancy for some to read books that contain language, violence or sexual content. I would like to provide this as a service to help those who choose not to read certain types of books.    

I hope this blog inspires you to read books that you might not have ever considered. Now go cozy up with a book and enter into a world that will be different, yet alike, from your own.

Happy Reading,


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